From ATV

From ATV

Once ATV was completed I took a moment to consider what practices or ideas I could take forward into my next OCA module.


  • More often – not about rubbish but to make posting less arduous, little and often.
  • Try to record each section of an assignment or section of coursework as it is completed, not all at the end when some details may have been lost
  • Include more research, sketchbook pages and “other work”.
  • Take photos at lower resolution – 2MP photos are sufficient, they can be zoomed in to without losing much detail.
  • Find some way to present image-heavy galleries of work. Either as embedded videos or some other hosted site, accessible via link on blog page.
  • Keep up with other students blogs better.



Do more.

See as much as possible.



Continue to keep these, even though they have turned in to a hybrid sketchbook/swipe file.

DO NOT REMOVE ANY PAGES, everything, even the “bad” stuff must stay in there. Anything with identifiable data on it will not be posted on blog e.g. email addresses, phone numbers etc.


Use Tutor Reports

Review Tutor reports once received.

Record this on blog, include thoughts on comments made and how these can be applied to future work.


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