MM Part One Feedback Review

MM Part One Feedback

Acted on the issue with contextual research highlighted in ATV feedback

  • Include more about what you think of the work, do you like it, is it worth stealing from.
  • Refer back to research to help tutors see the links you are making
  • Include a discussion online

The lack of contextual research was highlighted throughout my ATV module and also at assessment. As a result I looked around the OCA Student website for forum posts and other web-based references in an effort to improve this area of my work. This threw up some interesting ideas which I hope I had applied in this assignment but there is still room for improvement. I also went back to the Steal like an Artist book to review the points in that. This really helped as it re-enforced that this style of review is not copying. Something I had originally been afraid of.

Include more drawing

  • Have a sketchbook just for this project and draw in it regularly. Try and keep OCA work separate from sketchbook/journal/swipe-file books.

I keep more of a scrapbook style book with photos, drawings and clippings in it. The idea of keeping separate sketchbooks for the drawings in each assignment makes lots of sense and also fits well with the neat working methods I’d like to maintain.

Take more care with backgrounds when photographing work

  • g. iron fabric or obscure other items in the background of the photos

Something to look in to between now and the next assignment is how to best photograph work. I think that I can capture my work well in photographs but it is what is around the objects that I need to focus on now, so that they aren’t the focus of the photos I produce.

Explore scale, material, colour and lighting to exaggerate the sculptural potential of your samples

By doing this one paper sample can be viewed from many different angles, effectively giving several new samples from the original produced.

Review work as a whole

  • Consider what you learnt, did you enjoy it how this has informed your understanding of textiles more broadly

It is worth remembering that very few people, in the grand scheme of things, read my blog so anything I write on there is not likely to ever be quoted back to me. And of the few people who do read the blog the majority of them are actually there to read what I write and are interested in my thoughts on my work so I shouldn’t need to be embarrassed or worried about what I write. This would be worth remembering when discussing the next assignment.


Much of this feedback was very sensible and straight forward. This is my second OCA module but getting back in to the swing of things wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped. Having done this first assignment I feel I’m back in the right frame of mind to continue now.


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