OCA Study Day – Macclesfield

On Saturday 6th August I met up with five other OCA students and tutor Priscilla Jones at the Silk Museum in Macclesfield for an OCA study day.

This is the second of these days I have attended and it was, just as the previous had been, a really good opportunity to meet up with fellow students. Some had travelled quite a distance in order to attend with a few making a proper weekend of it and adding in some other stops on their way to and from the exhibition.

We had the chance to look around the museum but I was most interested in visiting ‘Making Space’ an exhibition of textile art from members of the 62 Group. All the recent ‘names’ in embroidery and textile art seem to have passed through this group in one way or another over the last couple of decades so their exhibitions can be relied upon to have some cracking exhibits, that’s not saying that every one is a winner though.

We had a chance to visit the Paradise Mill while there but I chose to focus on the exhibition as I felt that I’d put aside this day to do some drawing on-site and my time would be best spent doing that. I had also visited the Mill in the last year so I’d had a chance to have a good look around there already.

While viewing each piece I found myself drawn to the techniques and stitches used and not necessarily the composition or overall feel of the work. As a result I drew quite a few details and on returning home I stitched a few as samples. This is my equivalent of an art student seeing a painting and trying to repeat the brush strokes used.

Again this all found itself in a notebook, I’m not calling them sketchbooks any more – Henry Moore didn’t either – which I have put together here using Microsoft Sway.





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