MM Part Two Feedback Review

Assignment Two – Feedback Review

To Do

Use Drawings to record samples but could be used to show how samples could be developed eg. Thumbnails or small sketches

I watched the videos below on the OCA website.

These showed examples of other OCA student work where they had used thumbnails and small sketches to explore ideas for samples and future work. As the Tutor notes suggest, this method can help as these small sketches can be used instead of having to sample things in real-time. This could be useful where techniques being employed might be time-consuming.


Try to explore extremes of media and process in future projects

I tend to work at a similar scale in my drawing and sampling work. I should try to explore different scale in future work. I like to focus on the details in the samples made, often picking out very small areas of interest. I need to try to think in larger dimensions; perhaps sourcing larger materials to work with will help with this.


Try to use more colour in drawings, not just black and white, especially when coloured materials have been used in the samples

I feel like I have only just got to grips with drawing, and letting people see the results, and have focussed my efforts so far on trying to adequately depict the items I am trying to record. Adding in colour to this offers far more choice and room for error. I have spent time over the last year getting to grips with how pencils, pens, ink and washes work and now think that I have got a feel for those.

I have been using colour in my sketchbook work and have been trying to approach this in a similar way, not getting the right colours so much as working out and getting feel for how different materials can be applied to paper and the end results. Also combining materials such as watercolour and pen has been effective. I have had some success with wax crayon and watercolour. These feel like very low-tech materials but I can get some pleasing results with these. I like how the wax resists the watercolour wash but a little of the paint clings on to the wax to leave small puddles of colour.

This will not be fixed overnight and will very much be a work in progress over several months. I hope to include some colours in the drawing produced for future work but I’m not sure there will be too much too soon.


To Continue

Good presentation – Ordered and easy to access

Research – Continue to link research to the samples created

Drawing – I really enjoyed the drawing part of this part of the course and will continue it on to the next sections where applicable. I will try to include some colour in the drawings and also try to use small sketches or thumbnails to show my thinking and ideas for samples.

Photographs – The background are better in these samples. Neutral and clean so the focus is on the item being photographed and not a messy or busy background.




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