MM Part Three Feedback Review

Assignment Three – Feedback

This was my first video feedback. The following have been taken from the notes I made during the feedback discussion.


Larger drawings – Work at larger size, can still use A5 books but use two pages to give A4.

Colour – use more, could be white on black, Don’t have to go nuts, colour studies from previous work may be useful to give ideas for colour palettes.

Surface pattern – seems to be my area of interest.

Look at how to disrupt the process eg adding oil to plaster – While it is important to learn a technique or method changing a process or following up on a “what happens if I do this?” can lead to unexpected ‘happy accidents’ that might lead to interesting new work.

Drawing –

vary media – much of my work to date has been in black and white, pen and pencil. Try something new.

draw whole things – I do tend to draw only a pat of an object. I suggested that this was because when I try to draw whole things I am not happy with the outcome and am still getting to grips with people seeing my work. I was aware at this point that I sounded like I might need some kind of therapy or counselling to even begin to try this. Something to think about for future work.

test one motif in different media – Draw one thing several times using different media. This could give a different look to the same thing or pattern that may inspire further work.

Why don’t I use colour? – I was made very aware that I don’t need to abstract everything, I can draw a whole item but that also I could work back from drawing to make a new sample, draw that again which in itself would lead to new work being made.

Use more than pencil in planning – Good start with the pencil sketches and thumbnails but now move on to pen or paint too.

Role of drawing in making, drawing as planning

Austin Kleon – Applying constraints – I apply my own rules to my work already, but in  Kleons book there is the suggestion that applying rules to a project can help focus your work. Sometimes having too much scope for choice can be limiting, not freeing.


My tutor also very kindly emailed me some notes from our video feedback. From these notes I have taken the following.

Try and find the fun – even in projects that you aren’t enjoying. I didn’t enjoy Part Three very much, it was messy and I didn’t feel that I was moving through the projects very well. Trying to find one thing that I found interesting and expanding on that may have helped. Something to remember for future work.

More drawings at larger scale (more than A5) from this section of work.

Try using different materials to draw the same things, finding the right materials to capture what it is you are actually seeing.

Use more colour, this is present in other work, not for OCA, but not in the work submitted for assignments. Why is this? By the end of this video feedback I felt that I had come across as a bit of a nutter who doesn’t want anyone to see their work and who couldn’t possibly colour anything in for crazy, known only to themselves, reasons. I didn’t seek any professional help but instead went on holiday and tried to do more drawing with these comments focusing my work.

Future posts will cover what was created during my draw-a-thon but I have since bolstered my art supplies so that I have a few more choices when it comes to drawing materials. Not so sure about increasing the scale yet though. We’ll see.



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