MM Part Four – Project One – Exercise Three

Project One – Exercise Three

Back drawing

From my research these were some of the pieces that I liked the most. This method appeared to give some very delicate images, must be something that comes with practice.

I found this the hardest exercise so far as I didn’t seem to get a clean image.

Paintbrush handle, biro and pencil gave good lines. Again, many tools gave similar marks when used in this technique.

Putting too many lines close to each other pressed the surface of the paper in to the ink leaving areas with light ink marks.

I thought that thin paper would sit lightly on the surface and not pick up too much ink. This was true until it was drawn on and then the paper is easily moved in to the ink. Heavier weight paper requires more force to push it in to the ink, this gives less accidental marks.

I do like the fuzzy lines made with this method. My graphic drawing style (heavy-handed) might not be immediately suitable for this style of work or much more practice is needed. I can see that from these few samples and the examples in my research that this method can give some very delicate, unique drawings when used correctly.


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