MM – Part Four – Project Two – Exercise One

Project Two, Exercise One

Collage block

Grey board divided in to ten sections and covered in PVA glue, items stuck to glue surface and left overnight to dry. Next day PVA glue worked into each item to give a good seal to each section.

Inked up using block printing ink. Stays open longer than paint and dries quicker than oil based ink.

First prints were taken using thin cartridge. Again the first print had too much paint on it and gave some smudged areas. Second and third prints are much better and have given areas of good detail.

I also chose to make a block using different types of fabric  and one using only mountboard.

The fabric block was difficult to ink. A roller sat ink on top of the fibres and I did want the colour to go a little further in to the fibres. For this I used a  flat paintbrush to push the ink in to each area of the plate.

Using dry paper only gave an uninspiring print. Little detail of the fabric used was captured on the paper. In order to collect more detail I put the plate through the roller press . This gave a much better result, one I am much happier with. There was enough ink worked in to the fabric samples to produce a few more prints with a similar level of detail. I particularly like the prints taken from the knitted jersey samples.

During my research I found some very impressive prints using only mountboard and sticky backed plastic as a base. By cutting away at the mountboard surface a different textured surface is revealed underneath that takes more ink than the original surface giving a darker are when printed.

My first print wasn’t very good. I rolled the ink on so it just sat on the surface of the print. This type of plate should be inked intaglio, where the whole plate is covered in ink then the excess rubbed away. This method also forces ink in to any cut away sections. I rubbed away some of the ink for the second print and it was a little neater. This could be a useful method of inking for future plates.

As the fabric plate had been successful I thought I would try on the stitched sample I had printed in my texture plate trial samples. The block was inked up and printed using the press. there is good detail printed from this sample. I am very pleased with these prints.


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