MM Part Four – Printing on Fabric

I spent much of this part of the course printing on paper. I had the course notes in front of me while I was working and kept seeing “also try this on fabric” but I got too caught up in printing on paper and forgot to try that as I was going along.

I did have some moments where I did remember and produced the following prints on calico.

The prints above were taken from the Brick polyfilla/grout collatype block from Part Two, Exercise Three. The inktense pigment has transferred to the fabric but as the fabric was dry and the printing plate wet, it is not fixed in to the fibres. Textile medium has been painted over one small section, this will set the colour once it has been ironed (three minutes, hot iron, under baking parchment) and can then be washed out.

I also took a print from the collatype block made in Part Two, Exercise Two.

I then cut up this print and machine stitched in to a few of the sections. The acrylic paint has stuck to the fabric but it is not fixed. Much of it rubbed off on to my hands while stitching.

Stitches have been added to either highlight sections or fill in sections of the prints. I used red thread to contrast with the black and white print.

I have collated my work for this section in an A4 book, the pages of which have been photographed and are below. The inktense samples have not been fixed so to prevent them transfering colour to the opposite page a sheet of tracing paper has been stuck in to the book.

From this brief work it is clear that the correct medium must be selected to transfer a print to the fabric used. Acrylic will leave an image but it will sit on top of the fabric fibres, this may rub off or disintegrate over time.

It was good to see that the collatype plates did print on fabric, even if a little resolution was lost in the final print when compared to the paper prints. Tighter weave fabric might be able to retain more detail of a print compared to the calico used here.




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