MM Part Four – Feedback Review

Assignment Four Feedback

For this assignment I focused most on the technique of printing and the quality of the prints made. This has been highlighted in the feedback I have received.



Solid body of research into techniques and materials.

This is always good to read as my lack of research was one of the main criticisms in my first module. To have got to grips with this is very pleasing.

Work presented well in a clear, crisp and unfussy manner.

I am most pleased about my presentation being ‘unfussy’. At assessment those marking work have very little time to look at everything, having this assignment clear and easy to navigate is a help towards compiling work for assessment.

Pine cone drawings – Focus is on line and mark making due to the small range of materials used. Be as visually exhaustive with the subject chosen in Part Five.

I really enjoyed producing this work and I hope that this has come across in the images made. I aim to make more use of drawing in the next assignment, using many more materials.



Print more on coloured backgrounds.

I do tend to stick to white paper and simple media such as pencil and ink. A reminder to branch out a bit.

Most prints were gestural/organic. Try to use a range of aesthetics in future projects e.g. more graphic, ordered, linear alongside more fluid approaches.

Try to produce work that opposes the natural tendencies of the technique e.g. reduce the stark nature of monoprint stencils by piercing them before use.

I tried to understand the techniques in the course materials as thoroughly as possible. This meant that I was learning how to use them in a conventional way. This is a good reminder to step back and try to understand how a technique or material could be used in a different way.

Need more drawing in coursework. Use drawing to develop shapes and textures into mark/line/texture before incorporating them into prints. Also try to use drawing to propose improvements to prints already made.

Focus is on technique. There is little discussion of visual quality of each image. No discussion of compositional qualities.

I focused so much on the printing techniques that I evaluated those and not the prints that had been made. I also considered the prints as the final outcome from each exercise, not thinking to revisit them to consider any improvements.

I have really got to enjoy drawing through this course but I have overlooked it here in every way. I could have employed drawing to sketch out ideas for print plates or to illustrate areas for improvement. Instead I just ploughed on with making the prints and enjoying the technique. Part Five will definitely have to include more drawing.

A balance between the designed image and the process is important to create success.

I tried to divide my prints in to good and bad. Again this was solely determined by the success of the technique and not the content of the print. Also I didn’t list on my blog what I considered successful so how would anyone else know? This is another reminder to consider the finished prints technical merits and image composition together to conclude if the work is successful.


I am really disappointed with this feedback. I enjoyed producing these prints and by the end of the assignment I felt I had got a good feel for each technique. From the feedback I have received it is obvious that while I have got a good technical knowledge of each method I still need to remember to look at the artistic merits of the items produced.

Drawing is still a bit of a stumbling block. I have overlooked it in this assignment at almost every opportunity. If they still dish out ‘must-try-harder’ stickers one must surely need to go here.



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