MM Part Five – Stage Two

Part Five – Stage Two

After reviewing my work and noting a few areas for research I then forwarded my ideas to my tutor. As usual her notes were both sensible and straight forward. I was still concerned about the final piece as I have no idea what I’ll eventually produce but I have put that to one side to focus on the research.

It transpired that my ideas really split in to two sections, initial research and visual/practical development.


Initial research

Installations where large numbers of small items have been used.

Examples of contemporary drawing

Stitched collagraph examples, if any.

Choose a theme or aesthetic to derive pattern, colour, structure and texture information.


Visual/practical development

Draw from theme/aesthetic

Create ‘plates’ based on these drawings and contextual research

Combining materials on collagraph plates

Printing from non-standard surfaces such as airdrying clay, ceramic, plaster, fabric etc.

Printing on to fabric – technical details but also different methods

Use ‘ice’ cubes to find colour palette


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