MM Part Five – Stage Five – Sorting


This was a good chance to review all of the work produced for the sample making in stage three.

The course notes suggest that samples should be viewed where ‘a small amount of development’ could be applied and then made in to a final prototype or maquette.

I have enjoyed printing on to fabric from the collagraph plates produced and am pleased to have got a reliable method to produce detailed, crisp prints. I feel that this should be taken in to the final part of this module.

After researching multiple objects produced for installations I would like to continue that in to this work by producing more stuffed fabric cubes. There would need to be at least 20 produced, this would reflect the number of plaster cubes that could be produced in one ice-cube bag when casting.

These two ideas can be combined by printing fabric using the collagraph plates, stamps, gutta resist and drawing directly on to fabric.

Sample 3 size fabric cubes with no extra stitching and under stuffed would be the best size to produce.

The collagraph plates produced in stage three could be reused to print larger pieces of fabric. They could also be overprinted with collagraph plates and plaster ice cubes.

Gutta could be used to mask areas of the printed surface before over printing or drawing directly on to the fabric.

This feels like a good extension of the work I have produced so far. It brings the collagraph prints and the research work in to installations made from many smaller items together well.


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